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Sterility and safety is very important!

A separate tattoo room of 10m²!

A separate disinfected room of 10 sq. m. for each client. The employees always wear a mask or respirator. We work by advanced appointments with 15-60 minutes break. You can discuss all the nuances during the consultation with a master.

Disposable consumables!

All consumables – modules (needles), caps, spouts, gloves, films on the surface, sheets on the couch are only disposable! The master unpacks all the consumables in your presence before the session.

Disinfection of the surfaces.

We strictly monitor the sterility which is always up to standard! Surfaces disinfection and cleaning after each client. A non-contact dispenser with antiseptic at the entrance. UV sterilization and disinfection of the surfaces.

Alliance Shop Tattoo Studio Kiev

“Alliance” Tattoo Shop – Background

Alliance Tattoo, Kiev – is a comfortable tattoo studio (tattoo salon, tattoo shop), as well as a professional team of experts with many years of experience and high-quality portfolio! Tattooing is a special art for us, so each work is based on an individual approach.

Our salon provides each client with a separate equipped office with all the modern amenities (there is one office for two visitors): a comfortable special couch (not a solid one intended for massage), plasma with cable TV, Wi-Fi and unlimited tasty coffee – all the conditions for comfortable tattooing.

You no longer need to worry about “side glances”, unnecessary worries and loud sounds from other visitors and servicing personnel during procedure! High-quality and professional tattoo application starts with a comfortable private room in Alliance Salon, which makes it possible to focus on creativity as much as possible.

Make the right choice – visit our studio tattoo in Kiev!


Portfolio is an important part of each tattoo salon, its business card. Professional portfolio provides a visual quality guarantee and serves as a salon reference. Home page shows photos of several works made in our salon. See new works in our Instagram @Alliance_Tattoo

Why are we the best choice?

There are several reasons to choose «Alliance» Tattoo Shop:


Our tattoo shop ensures the best combination of price and quality for all the services! If you need a specialist who will make a unique, high-quality tattoo within a reasonable budget – contact our studio! We take up orders for tattoos at the VIP level as well as “low-budget” ones. We are ready to negotiate the prices which are rather reasonable. We also provide discounts for interesting works.


We employ one of the best tattoo artists in Kiev, who do their job with a high quality and at an affordable price. You can see the works of our experts in the Portfolio section.


Everything in our work is high quality, safe and up-to-the-mark! We use only disposable consumables: needles, gloves, nozzles, caps, bed sheets for the banquette etc. We use branded American and Japanese inks whose quality has been tested by the years.


We fulfill orders of any complexity! Tattoos on the basis of photos, your sketches or develop individual designs taking into account all your wishes. A customized tattoo will become not only a work of art but will also have a unique meaning. The cost of the sketch is included in the total price of the work.


The tattoo shop offers you a welcoming ambiance, a clean and bright room and pleasant atmosphere. Comfortable couch will make your stay in our shop very comfortable. We do our best for you and the tattoo artist to focus on your creative work!


Alliance – studio tattoo, Kyiv, Ukraine. Convenient location of the shop in the city center, the building has a vast parking. 2-minutes walk from the subway station Lybidska (Ukrainian: Либідська)!

Tattoo of any style

In our tattoo salon, you can have a high-quality tattoo made, regardless of its style and complexity! If you do not like, or tired of an old tattoo, we suggest you overlapping the poor-quality work with a new unique pattern or simply make a correction. If you want to hide the scar – almost any scar will be barely noticeable due to a new tattoo.

Customized sketches

We develop individual sketches only for our clients! Tattoo masters will help you choosing the right photo example or create a unique sketch, based on your preferences. The sketch is developed in Photoshop or “by hand”. You do not need to pay for a sketch, as it is included in the cost of work!

Tattoo removal

Our salon also provides the service of removing tattoos and permanent makeup. Laser removal using neodymium laser will remove reliably the undesired body patterns. This is the only tattoo (permanent makeup) removal method with no scars. We offer the best prices for laser-based removal tattoo in Kiev!

How much is it?

The cost depends on many nuances (detail, exact size, possible discounts),
which is better to discuss personally with the master!

  • There is no single price list for the tattoos…

Tattoos are, above all, creativity and individuality. Even the most “conventional” work will not become an exact copy, as there is always a note of uniqueness. Therefore, each new tattoo is unique, and its price will be determined individually.

  • The price is not measured in centimeters, and depends on the complexity of the work!

The cost of the tattoo depends on the complexity of the pattern and the amount of time spent! The work is usually paid on an hourly basis (1 hour costs about $25 or €20), the price can also be directly negotiated to correspond to an indicated budget for all the work. The price of “day session” is $200~$250 or €150~€200.

  • The selection of the artist also affects the price …

Different specialists have different working load, their opinion on the complexity and amount of time to be spent, so the price also depends on the expert. $25 – Minimum order of a tattoo in our studio.

  • How do I know the price of the tattoo?

The exact cost of the tattoo, the number of hours needed for work, time for the first session and other important issues are previously discussed with the artist at the consultation (in the studio), or contact us by e-mail. Consultation through appointment.

Make an appointment with us!

Why do you need a personal consultation?

Preliminary visit to the salon and personal consultation is a very important stage! You will discuss all the questions regarding potential tattoo during the meeting with a master: size, style, detail, how much time required, and of course, cost.

In addition, you can view the salon, get acquainted with your master, discuss convenient days for a session and other important matters – it does not take much time and is very crucial to make the right decision!

After fixing everything, you can book a room for $25 for the first session or a sketch order. Consultation is free, by appointment!


Masters meet with clients by appointment. Be sure to call before your first visit to the salon! Our contacts details are given below. You do not need to call following consultation, if you have your session time scheduled.


At the meeting with master, you discuss all matters: size and cost of the tattoo, details, scope and time of sessions. It is customary to make an advance payment when all the items are fixed to order a sketch or book an office.


Be sure to come on time. If you plan to postpone or cancel a visit to the tattoo salon, be sure to notify the master two days in advance.
Waiting for you 🙂


Kiev, Antonovich Street (Gorky), 170/1B.
Car drive – near the Kazimir Malevich (Bozhenko) Street, 127.
250 meters from the Shopping Center “Ocean Plaza”, across the street from the BC “Palladium” (to the four-storey building).
2 minutes walk from the subway station LYBIDSKA.

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Open daily from 9:00 to 21:00

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